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DESITIN ARZNEIMITTEL GMBH was founded in 1919 and operated initially under the name Desitin Compagnie mbH at its premises in Berlin and Hamburg. As its first product Desitin developed and successfully introduced the still frequently used Desitin® ointment.

Since 1927 Desitin has been based in Hamburg and moved to its present address in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel in 1946. There the development and sales of medication for illnesses of the central nervous system (CNS) began. The company became a specialist supplier and competent partner in the treatment of epilepsy and Morbus Parkinson.

Desitin is an independent, medium-sized, specialist pharmaceutical company with approximately 290 staff members, predominantly employed at the Hamburg head office.

Desitin is also financially independent and finances its development and investments with own revenues. As a fully-fledged pharmaceutical company, Desitin produces the majority of its medication in-house.

In all its undertakings Desitin strives to fully comply with legal and ethical standards.

For more information about our german company please go to www.desitinpharma.com or www.desitin.de

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